Maintenance of green areas and trees

In this section you can find a universal power arms, special power arms, brush cutters, chippers and stump grinders

Universal front mowers

Universal power arms and power arms carried in the front clamping systems of tool carriers and tractors

Universal lateral mowers

Universal power arms, mounted on the special frame, between the axles of tractors.
All power arms are easily removable.
These power arms provide the best view of the workspace.

Universal rear mowers

Universal power arms, mounted on the rear hitch of tractor

Universal mowers for MB UNIMOG etc.

Universal power arms designed for general-purpose tool carrier type MB Unimog, Praga UV etc.

Road barriers cutting machines

Cutting machines designed to mow roadsides and the crash barriers, road markings between the columns.

Central hedges mowers

Power arms for the central bands highways and expressways, etc.

Wood chippers

Chippers of branches and wood

Stump grinders

Machinery for the destruction of tree stumps


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