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Large volume spreader with variable width of spread, mounted in the rear three-point hitch of the tractor of the total weight of 13.000 kg and more.

  • This spreader is not self-loading. It is loaded using a loader or from a silo
  • The spreader has an integrated parking system
  • Control from simple on the spreader, through standard electric from the driver's cab, to fully automatic depending on travel speed, with feedback
  • The possibility to use all types of spreading materials (salt, gravel, sand)
  • Drive from tractor hydraulics.
Spreader TS  2500 D


Spreader TS 2500 D
Spreader TS 2500 D
Spreader TS 2500 D
Spreader TS 2500 D
Spreader TS 2500 D


 TS 2500 D
hopper capacityl2600
spreading widthm2 – 6
drive system hydraulic
total widthmm2000
total heightmm1950
total lengthmm1580

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