Upravit stránku

Smaller spreader with variable width of spread, mounted in the rear three-point hitch of the tractor.

  • Control from simple on the spreader, through standard electric from the driver's cab, to fully automatic depending on travel speed, with feedback
  • The possibility to use all types of spreading materials (salt, gravel, sand)
  • It is produced in four sizes, from a hopper volume of 360 l to 600 l.
  • Drive from tractor hydraulics.
Spreader TS  D N




 TS 360 D NTS 480 D NTS 600 D N
hopper capacityl360480500
spreading widthm1 - 51 - 51 - 5
drive system hydraulic
total widthmm148014801480
total heightmm92010501180
total lengthmm820820820

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