The equipment is designed as a quick- exchangeable working equipment and is intended for application to the carrier 4x2,4x4, 6x2,6x4, 6x6 equipped clamping plate DIN 76060 size 3/5, the device has a reservoir for the automated installation of 2 sets (2 x 3 pieces) Warning plastic strips on total length 2235 mm event. 2025 mm like. The various types of used plastic warning strips certified and approved for use on the road.
Own working head is equipped with a device for recording worksheets in the range of 45 ° left and 45 ° right from the basic position. Furthermore, the device has a cross-crossing the entire employed working part right - left, this allows the laying strips sequentially from left to right event. from left to right when the vehicle is moving in a straight line through the center of blocking the roadway lane and also to maneuver the entire working units in the collection strip road.

Basic technical data:

The length of the used strips: 2 025 and 2 235 mm
Magazine strips: 3 or 6 pieces
Rotation grippers right / left: 45°
Max. width: 2 500 mm
The height of the mounted position on the vehicle of about: 1 800 mm
The length of about: 1 000 mm
Curb weight (own): 730 kg
Total weight with strips of length 2025 mm (3/6 pieces in the stock): 790/850 kg
Total weight with strips of length 2235 mm (3/6 pieces in the stock): 20/910 kg

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