The HERBHY family of remote-controlled universal machines (HERBHY G70, HERBHY 50, HERBHY 40, HERBHY 35, HERBHY 23) has another representative in operation in the Czech Republic.
This time, the HERBHY 40 machine was prepared according to the requirements of the customer of the Road Administration and Maintenance of the South Moravian Region.
Road management and maintenance thus purposefully and systematically expands its portfolio of technical equipment and technological possibilities for maintenance and landscaping along roads, paths, cycle paths, public spaces, watercourses, etc.


The construction of HERBHY machines is characterized by robustness, detailed elaboration of all functional details, high performance and operational efficiency. These are machines at a high technical level designed for real professionals.


The supplied machine enables hydraulically independent extension of the chassis on the left and right side, so the basic width of the chassis of 1,310 mm can be changed and expanded up to a width of 1,810 mm during operation.
This makes it possible to significantly modify and increase the stability of the machine on inclined surfaces during operation.


Based on the customer's request, the delivered machine is equipped with, among other things, a replaceable working head for work in difficult conditions. The TFM 120 TL head is chosen here. The mulching head is equipped with a set of heavy knives 024 MP of the hammer type and a heavy rotor of the RLTLEF 120/100 type.
The front part of the robust cutting head crankcase is hydraulically openable to facilitate cleaning of the cutting head rotor and ev. directing the processed material. The head is also equipped with a robust protective frame to ensure trouble-free laying and straightening of long mulched material and to ensure the passage of the machine through dense uncultivated vegetation. This type of head can be used without problems for mulching incoherent stands, overgrown trees, remnants of wood (pruning), etc.
The direction of rotation can be changed for the cutting head rotor.


Another special replacement head supplied with this machine is an aggressive roller brush for cleaning curbs, concrete gutters, weeding overgrown areas in paving, etc. a product of MTM Tech s.r.o. type MRS 650

  • Brush diameter 650 mm
  • Brush width 500 mm
  • Brush weight including central lifting and swivel
  • system approx. 250 kg
  • Required flow hydr. oil max. 50 l / min
  • Brush speed 300 rpm
  • Piston hydraulic motor drive
  • Hydraulic lowered lifting
  • Turning left to right step-controlled mechanical
  • Set of connecting hydr. Hoses and fittings
  • Connecting flange for HERBHY 40 on the brush can be used sheaves in a variant
  • Cleaning and sweeping brush - wire stringing
  • Aggressive and sweeping brush - rope braid

 Another replaceable working head according to the customer's request is a stump cutter incl. drive, control, clamping device

It is the working head of a renowned manufacturer FSI

In this case, the FSI H20 type is used in the version with the company's supporting and rotating device MTM Tech, s.r.o ..

  • Working diameter of the FSI H20 cutter 370 mm
  • The cutting disc of the stump cutter is equipped with patented cutting knives with tungsten carbide tips. These cutting knives ensure maximum service life during milling together with the possibility of 3-turn.
  • Required carrier power 12 to 20 kW
  • Required power hydr. systems 30 - 45 l / min
  • Cutting disc diameter 370 mm, th. 12 mm
  • Number of knives 12 pieces
  • Knife diameter 17.5 mm
  • The weight of the head rotates 105 kg

 Possible application of another exchangeable additional work tool:

  • - counter-rotating cutting bar
  • - earth milling machine
  • - roller brush
  • - aggressive rotating brush
  • - snow plough
  • - snow thrower
  • - sprayer
  • - water tank and sprinkler bar
  • - snow thrower
  • - earth drill
  • - stump cutter, etc.




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