This interchangeable head is by MTM Tech, s.r.o. prepared on the basis of direct customer requirements. It is an aggressive brush for cleaning concrete drainage gutters and curbs, etc.

The device is designed for mounting on HERBHY series 50 and higher carriers and other machines with similar parameters.

The construction of the machine enables the cleaning of concrete troughs both when turning the brush into the longitudinal axis of the carrier and when turning the axis of the brush at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the carrier.

Brush overrun is solved hydraulically and remotely controlled.

This solution achieves a better result in the cleaning itself and increases the possibility of using the brush for other possible cases of use.

The brush is mounted on the lifting device of the HERBHY carrier by means of a quick-release plate.

In the parked position after removal from the carrier, the brush is parked on the parking foot.

In combination with a suitable carrier - a remote-controlled slope mower, with this machine you can clean perfectly even previously difficult sections of drainage concrete gutters









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