The machine designed by engineering department of MTM Tech, s.r.o. The goal of this solution is to offer to our clients of Road Administration and Maintenance powerful mower arm for mowing the roadside and at most the following mowing so that the machine can work both in the current mowing assignment with the main mowing arm which carried on the tractor and possibly independently without limiting the working speed and mower power due to congesting insufficiently powerful mower head as is the case with common types of underguardrail mowers. The implementation of this requirement is ensured where the conditions allow to hardly increase the work performance of the kit.

The PS 120 V application is recommended for tractors of the following basic power categories:

Total tractor weight 9 500 kg and more – possible combination TDH P 600 TC intermediate axle arm and PS 120 V

Total tractor weight approx. 8 800 kg and more – possible combination TDH M 500 TC or TDH M 600 TC and PS 120 V
Total tractor weight approx. 8 000 kg use only the front arm PS 120 V

For using PS 120 V we recommend equipping the tractor with an axial piston pump min. 120 l/min

We recommend tractor engine outputs in a combination of PS 120 V and 135 PS higher axle arms.


The bearing arm consists from two basic bearing parts connected by pivots.

Entire device is on central bearing holder and it is located on hydraulically operated transverse crossing.

This solution allows easy problem-free assembly of the machine into the transport position. And it also allows the operator to react quickly and without any problems for example to change the working width and it allows better obstacles overcomes etc.

This arrangement also provides the operator perfect view on the working machine.


The complete machine can be park quickly without the help of special devices for parking legs / height-adjustable / equipped with castors for easy movement of the device around the warehouse.

The machine is standardly designed for mounting to the front clamping plate DIN 76 060 size 3/5.

This device is designed in standard version for work on the right of the direction of travel.

The working tool for this machine is the mowing head TSL in standard working width 1 250 mm or in shorter version with the working width 1 050 mm.


The crankcase of this mowing arm is solved standardly from common construction materials / TSL 120 TL and TSL 100 TL head design / it is possible to supply the case of the mowing head made by HARDOX material, including the own rotor also made from material HARDOX / TSL 120 TL H and TSL 100 TL H head / Head is equipped with mechanically height-adjustable support cylinder. Side glides cover the edges of the mowing head case and also side gliders cover the placing support cylinder are made from highly abrasion resistant material / XAR 400 / and they are quickly replaceable.

Mowing head rotor drive is solved indirectly by multiple toothed belt. This solution provides shock absorption in the event of a rotor impact to the obstacles when working and thus increase labour protection.


Max. lateral arm reach from the longitudinal central axis of the carrier is 3 800 mm when using a head with range 1 250 mm.

Except the mower heads it is possible to place on the arm replacement work head of the rotary brush or ditch cleaner.

Those devices are also machines from MTM Tech, s.r.o. production.

The drive of the arm is ensured by connection to the carrier power hydraulics.

The control is connected to the el. hydraul. switchboards by cable. The control is placed in driver’s cab and it is solved by small joystick.

The control also allows, among other things, reversing the rotation speed of the mower head rotor, opening the front part of the mower head case.

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