Telescopic snow ploughs are really always "tailor-made for the customer". This is proved by the company MTM Tech, s.r.o. also in the case of delivery of snow plows DP 2L 30 40 for the French customer Europe Service, Aurillac, France.


The customer required snow ploughs equipped to the following specifications:

  • One-sidedly telescopically extended snow plow
  • New product
  • Model 2020
  • Connection to the hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle
  • Front blade steel composed of two parts
  • Color of the front wall of the blade yellow RAL 1016
  • Rear wall color blade black matt
  • Color of lifting support device black matt
  • Lifting eye + holes for attaching the harness marked in bright red
  • Steel wiper blade mounted on a vulcanized PU spring washer
  • Sidewalk steel bumpers / color RAL 1016 yellow /
  • LED 24 V contour lighting
  • Set of combined additional works. lights on height and width adjustable durable frame / LED lights 24V high beam, low beam, directional /
  • Lumifog rod holders
  • Clamping plate according to the new EN standard / ie SETRA + DIN /
  • Mechanically height-adjustable removable parking feet / without castors /
  • Front detachable blade parking feet / without castors /
  • Robust polyurethane guard "blue" of the new extended and weakened type
  • Side deflectors made of polyurethane blue plate approx. Thickness 5 to 8 mm, screwed with attachments on the left and right edge of the plow, width approx. 70 to 80 mm
  • Standard lifting and lowering system with spring stabilizers
  • Hydraulic lifting - hydraulic lowering
  • Classic ball valve + moss. transport fuse
  • Hydraulic left-right rotation
  • Hydraulic rotation around the horizontal axis
  • Hydraulic extension / retraction on the right
  • Regulation of plow pressure on the road / or regulation - lightening of plow weight /
  • Nitrogen battery
  • Hydromechanical accumulator
  • Set of support guide wheels with holders, relief spring and fenders
  • Warning pictograms
  • Pictograms of lubrication points
  • Wheel tire inflation pictograms
  • Warning white-red hatching for France on the rear wall of the plow blade according to FN98.795
  • Holders with stainless steel plates and warning white-red hatching






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