Simple, but effective and powerful and could be characterized small hand-held spreader. The spreader is guided by a simple handle. Used for sanding sidewalks, the Courtyard spaces, pedestrian zones, public spaces, while moving forward, there is a controlled spreading, while moving backwards freewheel stop spreading. Using this simple devices achieve high performance with minimal effort.

Simple operation and handling. Easy maintenance. Easy storage.

CE certificate for each piece sold. The color orange RAL 2011 event. pea green MTM Tech BE. Warning safety hatch. Equipment designed for spreading salt, fine gravel, sand etc.

Technical data:

parameter unit value
hopper volume l 50
spreading with cm 60
max. spreading with cm 80
weight of empty spreader kg approx. 20
working speed km/h 1-3
spreading lenght for one filling    
when using salts km 3-4
when using sand km 0,7-1,3
transport carton dimensions box of cm 65 x 50 x 55

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