It is a special low-profile snow plow, designed for installation in the bottom of the carrier vehicle between the axles, which is used either to clean the road from the rest of the snow (even hardened), or to remove the snow layer in difficult-to-pass agglomerations.

  • This type of snow plow has a blade with a fixed turn to the right of 250 and can often be installed on chassis, where a plow with a hydraulically adjustable blade cannot be mounted due to lack of installation space.
  • The snow plow is equipped with continuously hydraulically extendable both edges of the blade, which makes it possible to regulate the working width.
  • The blade pushes on the road with a preset pressure and there is no danger of it being damaged or damaging the road.
  • The blade can be fitted with a whole range of scraping edges, both standard (steel, rubber, vulcolan), as well as special aggressive
  • The plow can be mounted on trucks of category N3 and tractors




Pure Alpha

minimal working width



maximal working width 



fixed blade adjustment angle to the right



road pressure





540 - 580

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