This "motto" MTM Tech, s.r.o. is constantly holding and in the end it is visible.


In April 2020, another of the TDH M 600 TC mower arm sets was handed over to the Road Maintenance of the Hradec Králové Region.


The arm is mounted on a design-innovative type of Zetor Proxima 110 HS tractor, designed from Pininfarina, modified by MTM Tech, s.r.o. for year-round universal use.


The machine is located between the axles and supported on a central pin and a special supporting reinforcing frame. This solution ensures, on the one hand, a unique view of the driver on the working heads in the entire range of unloading. Furthermore, thanks to this design, it is possible to achieve a cutting head extension of up to 6.6 m from the longitudinal central axis of the tractor for this type of tractor.


The machine is designed as an easily replaceable work superstructure / without the use of spec. tools and aids.


The MTM Tech TSL 120 TL series cutting head made of Hardox material with a hydraulically opened front part of the crankcase is applied to the arm for easier access to the cutting head rotor. Powerful and durable "S" type knives / twisted / are used.


Long working reach of the arm from the central axis of the tractor with a relatively low curb weight of the tractor. Perfect stability of the tractor when handling the mowing arm thanks to the permanently installed hydraulic suspension lock on the right side of the tractor axle.


Modifications made to the Zetor Proxima 110 HS tractor include, among other things, the mounting of a universal support plate on the front of the DIN 76 060 size 3/5 tractor, the output of 3 pairs of hydraulic quick couplings to the clamping plate itself, the output of the overflow quick coupler to the hydraulics. tanks and installation of el. 7 mi pole sockets.


As part of the modifications made, the tractor has a modified and relocated fuel tank to the left. From the point of view of ensuring the safety of the operator when working on the road, in addition to the prescribed standard lighting, the tractor is equipped with two 12 V LED beacons. mower arm carried in the rear three-point hitch of the tractor.

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