MTM Tech, s.r.o. company celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. MTM Tech, s.r.o. company continues to develop the production and development program in field of snow ploughs. The new series of snow ploughs DP2LP 48 70 proofs it. These snow ploughs with telescopic extension on both the left and the right side of the snow plough.


The purpose of this solution is to meet the customer’s requirements of Road and Motorway Directorate and enable continuous adjustment of the plough width in the maximal possible range and thus achieve the maximum performance efficiency of the carrier set, spreader and snow plough during the highway maintenance.


The DP2LP 48 70 snow plow has an impressive width of 7,000 mm in the most extended state, which allows it to reach a working width of more than 6,000 mm. At the same time, in the fully retracted state, it is narrower than the "classic 5 m motorway plow" (width 4,800 mm, 3,920 mm when working).


The great advantage of these plows is the possibility of a continuous extension of the working width in the range of 3,920 to 6,073 mm, in any position and practically during operation. This allows the plow to be immediately adapted to the current working conditions.

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