MTM Tech, s.r.o. company continues to develop the production and development program in the field of snow ploughs. The series of snow ploughs LLV DB with second tilted scraper blade aka “lollipop” which works at the same time with the first basic snow plough blade proofs it.

The purpose of this solution is to enable, especially during chemical road surface treatment, better wiping the rests of wiped snow layer, wiped snow slush.


Second hydraulically tilted blade is pressed automatically to the road surface, the pressure force is being regulated at the level approx. 50% - 75% of the front basic blade pressure force. The girder of second tilted blade is designed also as a closed tunnel for the conducting of scraped material to the side away off the road, out of the moving vehicle. This part can be divided to the segments after consultation / according to the actual length of the plough and client’s operating conditions  2-4 segments /

Snow ploughs LLV series are offered in stadard plough lengths 3 500 mm for the type LLV 35 DB, 4 000 mm for the type LLV 40 DB, 4 500 mm for type LLV 45 DB and 5 000 mm for type LLV 50 DB.


The first basic steel wiper blade is from XAR material or Hardox mounted on flexi polyurethane holders / springs /. The second cleaner blade is from polyurethane.

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