The company MTM Tech, s.r.o. truly purposefully and long-term develops the development and production program in the field of tractor superstructures. The goal of further development is to offer customers quality, robust equipment with increased performance and long life. An example of these solutions is the delivery of 2 pieces of sets of universal mowing arms of the heavy series TDH P TC on Zetor Forterra tractors, a major customer of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

The universal mowing arms are supplied with a heavy-duty TR 130 TL HARDOX mowing head from the production of MTM Tech, s.r.o. The use of Hardox materials on the cutting head housing and the cutting head rotor significantly increases their durability and service life ´. The working width of the cutting head is 1,300 mm, used twisted knives type "S". The front of the cutting head housing is hydraulically openable for easier access to the rotor.

The construction of the arms of the TDH P TC series is solved using 6 side profiles, the arms are made of highly resistant and flexible DOMEX material. The arm with the main support and pivot pin is placed on the tractor between the axles on a special reinforcing support frame.

The arm is designed to be removable in a simple way without the use of special tools and equipment. The arm is equipped with a telescopic extension.

The boom drive system / the entire hydraulic group / is suspended from the tractor's rear three-point hitch and driven by the rear PTO shaft.

In this case, hydraulic pumps are used for movement functions as well as for gear rotor drive. At the request of customers in the form of an additional charge, it is possible to solve a system with piston pumps. The drive unit is equipped with a hydraulic tank. oils with filler neck, level indicator, hydr. oils. The hydraulic system is equipped with a powerful cooler with a thermostat, electro-hydraulic switchboard with proportional control of all movement functions.
The control of the movement functions of the arm is electrically proportional and is solved by one multifunctional joystick.
The arm is secured when approaching an obstacle and equipped with a nitrogen accumulator for automatic return of the arm to the original working position after overcoming the obstacle. The arm is also equipped with a lightening system with stepless regulation. The drive unit is equipped with a rear frame with complete combined lighting, a set of parking legs with wheels.
Shutting down the entire boom drive system is quick and easy.

The design of the arm located between the axles of the tractor ensures a truly perfect view of the operator to the work tool in all ranges of unloading and allows efficient and safe handling of the arm during work, folding into the transport position, etc.
This type of arm position between the axles also makes it possible to achieve a very favorable weight distribution and load on the tractor's front and rear axles.
Due to the fact that the arm is equipped with a system of quick exchange of working heads, a number of other work exchange heads can be easily applied to the arm, eg:

  • heavy mulching head with a reach of 1,250 mm
  • slow - running finger brushcutter
  • disc brushcutter
  • aggressive rotating brush
  • aggressive roller brush
  • ditch cleaner
  • stump cutter
  • curb trimmer
  • drilling head
  • washing head

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