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Andreas strip layer

It is a swap body for trucks of category N3, equipped with a front clamping plate DIN 76060 size 3/5, which is used for laying and collecting warning strips, without the need for workers to get out of the cab. 
  • The device is equipped with a hopper for automated laying of 2 sets (2 x 3 pieces) of warning plastic strips with total lengths of 2,235 mm event. 2,025 mm etc.
  • The working head itself is equipped with a device for turning the working bar in the range of 45 ° to the left and 45 ° to the right of the basic position.
  • Furthermore, the device is equipped with a transverse crossing of the entire active working part to the right - left, which allows the laying of passports gradually from right to left event. from left to right when the vehicle is moving in a straight line in the middle of the closed lane of the road and also the maneuvering of the whole work unit when collecting strips from the road.
  • Gripping and holding of warning strips is ensured by means of electromagnetic heads and steel plates inserted into PU strips, control of approach accuracy, gripping control, function of magnets, etc. is ensured by means of sensors located on the device.
  • The control of the device is completely from the control panel from the driver's cab