Road side cutter BSL 40/75

The BSL 40/75 road side cutter is a device for removing deposits of any thickness and nature from roadside curbs, with the transport of milled material to the body of a moving truck in front. This cutter is then suitable for aggregation with larger tractors with a total weight of 11,000 - 13,000 kg. A mechanical, adjustable scraper (or two hydraulically driven cutting discs) feeds the material to the throwing wheel, which throws it onto a 5 m

Road side cutter ZR BSL 40 P

High-performance special, self-propelled machine, designed for trimming curbs on a high scale, with the possibility of working under crash barriers. This machine is equipped with a mechanical, adjustable scraper, which brings the material to the throwing wheel, which throws it on a 5m long conveyor belt, resulting in a body, in front of a pushed truck. This machine is complemented by a rear roller brush, which cleans the road from debris

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