Street washer FTS

The street washe of series FTS are sophisticated modular systems, where any volume can be assembled from 4 types of modular PE tanks in the practical range from 275 l to 17.600 l, and thus adapt to the widest possible range of suitable carriers. The power unit itself can be selected either in the form of low pressure (max. 130 l / min / max. 6 bar), medium pressure (max. 100 l / min / max. 50 bar) or high pressure (max. 100 l / min / max. 150 b

Sprinkler arm FGA

The sprinkler arm is used as an accessory for sprinklers and is used for irrigation or spraying trees and vegetation. It is driven electrically by means of precise stepping electric motors, or hydraulically, and is clamped to the front support plate of universal tool carriers and tractors. The arm is equipped with various types of terminals and is manufactured with a reach to the left and right side from about 3 m to 6 m.

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