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Automatic traffic-cone management system PVK TS

In the standard version, it is a swap body for light vans and transport vehicles with a total operating weight of approx. 3,500 to 6,500 kg and a loading area height of approx. 750 mm to 950 mm.
  • It can also be supplied in a variant for the hook carrier of containers of light transport vehicles, for which the height of the loading area does not exceed 1,200 mm.
  • The device is equipped with an automatic manipulator with cones and a magazine for up to 192 cones (depending on the type of chassis). For collecting cones, the body is equipped with a special device, carried during transport at the rear of the body.
  • The device places and collects cones on both the right and left side of the carrier vehicle, when driving forwards and backwards - all completely automatically.
  • The spacing of the cones is selectable from 15 m upwards and their laying frequency is fully linked to the travel speed of the carrier vehicle.